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NCSEA "SEEs Above and Beyond" TM

By cmoses

Celebrating the Contributions of Structural Engineering Excellence (SEE) Above and Beyond

The National Council of Structural Engineers Associations (NCSEA) launched a brand and marketing initiative to raise awareness of the structural engineering profession’s vital contribution to society. The campaign’s tagline, “We SEE Above and Beyond.TM” describes the valuable ways structural engineers contribute to the design and construction of built structures and resilient communities. Structural Engineering Excellence (SEE) serves as a guiding principle for the profession.

Structural engineers are integral partners, working with architects, building owners, and construction trades to help envision the broad context of the structure including its purpose and the desired occupant experience. Structural engineers look above and beyond code minimums in developing structural designs that are safe, enduring, and focused on the creation of resilient communities.

NCSEA President Ed Quesenberry, P.E., S.E. shares, “This campaign is about telling the structural engineering story, from celebrating our role in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry to building awareness of the many ways our profession advances and supports the safety and resilience in the built environment. Through telling our story, we hope to build connections with people outside our profession so that we can work together to solve the problems of tomorrow. While the initial campaign will target the AEC industry, future goals of the campaign include outreach and awareness building with consumers, higher education, and grades 5-12 so the public and students can better understand what structural engineers do and how our work is woven into their lives.”

NCSEA Vice President David Horos, P.E., S.E., LEED® AP continues, “The campaign includes a scalable model that provides the forty-four local and state Structural Engineers Associations (SEAs) with branded graphics and materials to use in their local market. We are thrilled to equip our SEAs with new marketing resources that will help enhance the image of the profession and raise public awareness about what we do.”

NCSEA enlisted Agency McKenna to help with this initiative. Also critical was the day-to-day work of the NCSEA steering committee for this project that included structural engineers from the NCSEA Board and several SEAs and staff members. Elizabeth McKenna, CAE and Principal of Agency McKenna, highlights, “It’s an honor to work with an unsung hero in the architectural, engineering and construction community. Structural engineers’ vision, technical expertise, and leadership transcend safety and are the backbone of every building, bridge and architectural detail the public experiences.”

The brand and marketing initiative began its outreach in social media this month with plans to expand to multiple communication platforms in 2022. A recently launched website,, provides easy access to the campaign messages and key resources, such as the Excellence in Structural Engineering Award finalists and recent STRUCTURE magazine articles of interest to the AEC community.

NCSEA Executive Director Alfred Spada adds, “We have created a sustainable campaign that positions the profession with clarity, excitement and performance. In fact, the campaign reflects what our structural engineers do every day and how Structural Engineering Excellence (S.E.E.) provides the backbone for our communities to thrive.”


The National Council of Structural Engineers Associations The National Council of Structural Engineers Associations (NCSEA) was formed to constantly improve the standard level of practice of the structural engineering profession. The Association’s vision is that structural engineers are valued for their contributions to safe structures and resilient communities. The Association’s mission is that NCSEA, in partnership with its Member Organizations, supports practicing structural engineers to be highly qualified professionals and successful leaders.