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Construction Observation Services

Next Level Construction Observation

In keeping with our philosophy to work with the project team as a whole, Cates Engineering makes every effort to add even more value to the project during the construction phase. As part of our normal design progression, we include basic Construction Observation (CO) Services with our Construction Administration Services. Furthermore, nearly three decades of experience and our endeavors to include the field team in our process, enable us to routinely provide field-friendly designs and a significant CO Services program that goes beyond the industry standard. Our services are frequently recommended by both developers and contractors due to our field-friendly approach and attention to the construction process. Our CO Services are unmatched in the industry.

Our clients request our CO services due to the crucial role that structural observations play during the construction phase of a project. CO services help clarify and interpret the design for the contractor, provide the opportunity to identify construction error or defects that might otherwise go undetected, and most importantly, they provide confirmation that the design intent is properly executed. In addition, CO services help develop a positive relationship with contractors by reviewing the construction with the goal of avoiding field problems, reducing risk, and thus eliminating additional expenses and costly time delays that may occur.

Cates Construction Observation Services Program

  • Site Observation and Issue of Reports Listing Structural Deficiencies
  • Follow-up Visits
  • Close-in Letters
  • Structural Affidavit

General Observations

"We have been working with Cates Engineering for 25 years. We find them to be the most engaged, hands-on engineering team that we have worked with and most importantly, we know that as unforeseen items come up - they will be there to help us find solutions. Our projects are built more efficiently, and therefore more cost effectively because of Cates Engineering's involvement." ~Keith Anderson - CBG

I have had a working relationship with Cates Engineering for my last two projects. Their hands on approach to each project stands out for me, and I have confidence that I can call and work out any detail. I’ve been in the field with questions from the framing and concrete subs and have called and worked out the issues without delay. Cates attention to detail is first and foremost; I would never hesitate to recommend or work with them again. Their site visits are never a problem to schedule and their punch list is very easy to understand. At the end of the day I have the confidence that my builds were constructed above the standard. ~ Thanks, Bernie McCann - Greystar