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History and Background

Cates Engineering, Ltd. provides world-class structural consulting services for commercial, residential, industrial and institutional projects. We are known for innovative, cost-competitive design, responsiveness to unique requirements and expertise that ensures architects, developers, contractors, and owners complete buildings on time and on budget.

We analyze each design thoroughly to ensure an efficient, straightforward structural system. We also work closely with the client and project consultants to ensure smooth coordination throughout the design phase.

Mid and high-rise buildings require attention to detail and smart use of resources. This is where our process of constant improvement benefits you. After a design is approved, we go on-site to get feedback from fabricators and contractors, finding ways to simplify and advance the next design. We link this refining process together with ongoing industry research to maintain a forward-thinking approach.

Our engineers and consultants have worked on structures ranging from multilevel office and apartment buildings to public facilities and custom homes. This diverse experience allows us to solve complex problems, using state-of-the-art computer analysis.

Cates Engineering has been serving companies across the U.S. since 1988. We invite you to contact us — and discover how we’ll help your next project break new ground.

Cates Timeline

  • 1988 Brian Cates started Cates Design in Sterling, VA
  • 1996 Cates Design moved to Stone Rd in Centreville, VA
  • 1996 Cates Design became Cates Engineering, Structural Consulting
  • 2001 We hired an SVP of one of the largest structural engineering firms in the Philippines who brought extensive international experience and greater modeling software with him
  • 2002 New logo design
  • 2004 We outgrew our initial Stone Rd office and overflowed into a second office across the hall
  • 2004 We began working with RAM
  • 2007 We moved to a bigger office on Iron Bar Lane in Gainesville, VA and continued to grow
  • 2007 We expanded our design experience to include Type 3A for 5-story multifamily projects
  • 2007 We added Revit to our toolbox
  • 2013 We moved to our current location on Heathcote Blvd in Gainesville
  • 2016 We opened a satellite office in Nashville, TN
  • 2017 We opened a satellite office in Middletown, NJ
  • 2018 Cates Design International opened in Tamil Nadu, India

Mission Statement

To advance the state of structural engineering art by pursuing engineering excellence, cost efficient design, and responsive customer service for a growing client list in a supportive, professional environment.

Core Values

Technical Excellence - Our distinguishing mark as we strive to provide consistently great engineering.

Balance - Excellence is a balance between the Owner's goals, building longevity, market conditions, and overall project quality.

Accountability - We hold one another accountable to the highest standards of design quality, code compliance, cost efficiency, and innovation.

Honesty and IntegrityWe regard honesty and integrity above financial success.

Cooperation - We make every effort to work cooperatively in the pursuit of excellence.

Our clients deserve the best!