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Bryant Venture Phase I-A&C

Mixed-Use, Apartments/Condominiums

Architectural Description

The Bryant Street development is located along Rhode Island Ave in Washington DC, a major inter-city commuter route.  This portion of the development includes three mixed-used residential buildings providing over 450 apartment units and 400 parking spaces as well as an Alamo drafthouse and a site for a future office building. The project will also provide 47,000sf of retail space. The 1A-1B buildings are situated over a shared, below-grade garage. Over the garage run 2 private roadways that intersect between the new buildings. The development is ideally located in the northeast quadrant of the city, at the nexus of four growing neighborhoods.

Structural Description

The first two buildings--1A and 1B both consist of 5 story Type IIIA framing over 1 level type 1A concrete podium slab. Building 1B has a concrete tower with a swimming pool at the 5th floor.  The tower is independently support from the rest of the wood framing with  concrete columns and concrete shear wall in each direction. Framing for both buildings utilizes full height framed bearing walls  (3 plates per level) to the extent possible in order to mitigate different movement and settlement concerns between elements within the building as well as between the framing and brick veneer.


The majority of the top floor penthouse steps back from the exterior wall. In order to mitigate non stacking loads and allow maximum window height, Cates utilized a multi ply truss system around the perimeter at the roof level and penthouse level where the bearing points at each of these levels stacked as much as possible.


The roadway assemblies are support on the cast in place concrete slab at the 1st floor. Numerous tree pits and planter boxes are situated throughout the slab. The depths, extents, and support conditions at each tree pit were coordinated with Architectural, Landscape, and Civil in order to come up with the most economical slab design that still satisfied the requirements for all parties.


The Alamo Drafthouse was designed by others but was supported on the 1st floor elevated slab designed by Cates. A roughly 30’ grade differential existed at this area of the site that required retaining wall support. Cates coordinated with the Alamo Design Team to ensure that lateral earth pressures were transferred through the Alamo structure down to the foundation.


The third building--Building 5B-- will contain approximately 145 rental units, retail space, courtyard space, and a 2-story underground garage The building will be of 5 stories in height including the penthouse, Type 3A Construction over a two-story concrete IA construction under the podium slab. The penthouse roof structure mimicked that of the 1A-1B building. 5B site is adjacent to an existing building with varying elevation. Cates coordinated foundation details and elevations with the underpinning design done by others so as to aid a smooth construction sequence.  

Photography by:
Renderings courtesy SK&I