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Fairfield Chelsea Phase I


Architectural Description

The project consists of four stories of residential and amenity spaces (construction Type VA) with two stories of parking, residential, mercantile and business below the podium (construction Type IA). The four stories of residential and amenity spaces are re-subdivided by firewalls creating five separate buildings. The building consists of a total number of residential 436 units.

Structural Description

The wood framed building described above is supported on a post-tensioned transfer slab over two parking levels. A portion of the first elevated parking level contains residential units. Due to poor soil conditions, the building is supported on a deep foundation system using prestressed precast piles. From corner to corner the building measures about 670ft with total building footprint of 148,400sf. Therefore, the concrete levels use one permanent expansion joint as well as a T-shaped temporary expansion joint with lockable dowels which divide the building in to four sections. Construction for the wood framed units consists of prefabricated wood roof and floor trusses bearing on 2x bearing walls.

Site Camera - Time Lapse