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Harbor Landing at Garvies Point


Architectural Description

Located in Glen Cove, NY, Harbor Landing is part of a Smart Growth plan for the Hempstead Harbor area. This 385 unit apartment complex will be comprised of two mixed use buildings, North and South. Each building will have four stories of residential units over structured parking, amenity space on the street level, and an elevated courtyard. The elevated courtyard for the South building will also have a pool. The property also features a club room, a fitness center, and a private dining room. In addition to Harbor Landing, we are working on other areas of the master plan for Garvies Point, such as the Marina and the Anglers Club, as well as assisting Landscape Architect, MPFP, with the structural design of site landscape features and amenities.  

Structural Description

The residential units will be constructed of prefabricated wood roof and floor trusses and 2x bearing walls. The transfer level between the units and the parking garage will be comprised of a conventionally reinforced concrete slabs. Foundations will be created from conventionally reinforce concrete foundation walls and pile caps supported on timber piles with conventional concrete slab on grade floors.

Photography by:
Rendering of the South building courtesy of RXR Realty