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Clippership Wharf


Architectural Description

Clippership Wharf consists of four, six-story buildings with 492 residential units. Approximately 83 of these units will be condos (known as Slip 45) with the remaining being rental apartments. The units are located above a level of below grade parking. The project includes retail spaces, large amenity spaces, a larger courtyard with amphitheater seating, connection foot traffic bridges, and harbor walk that surround the waterfront property. Two of the buildings extend out onto the piers facing the waterfront. The project is situated in an ideal location yards away from the MBTA Maverick Station on the Blue Line.

Structural Description

Clippership is a deep foundation project. It is constructed in an area that was a prior ship slip. Precast piles were driven to a depth between 80ft and 130ft to support the proposed construction. The ground level is a conventionally reinforced cast-in-place (CIP) concrete structural slab on grade. Capping the garage are two levels of CIP concrete podium/transfer slabs supported on concrete columns on pile caps. One of the buildings has a steel connection bridge between two wings of the building. Above the CIP transfer level sits 5 stories of Type 3A constructed wood framing. The wood framing consists of wood floor and roof trusses and 2x dimension framing for the walls.

Due to the proximity to the water, the project was designed with tidal fluctuations and flood measures in place.

Photography by:
Renderings courtesy of The Architectural Team