10th Street Flats


Architectural Description

Located at the corner of Highland Street and 10th Street N in the Lyon Park Neighborhood, this five-story, 143-unit, mixed-used building features luxury, affordable, and live/work units, office space, ground floor retail, and underground parking.  Amenities include a rooftop lounge, outdoor kitchen, and fitness center. 

Structural Description

Foundation: Conventional isolated and spread footings supported on natural soils excavated two levels below exterior grade.

Structure: Three levels of conventionally reinforced concrete slabs, one below-grade at the parking level, one at ground level, and one elevated transfer slab. Four stories of conventional wood-framed construction sit above the elevated transfer slab.

Lateral: Concrete shear walls at ground level with OSB and Gypsum shear walls for upper wood-framed construction.

Site Camera - Time Lapse

Photography by:
Photo courtesy CBG site camera