3350 at Alterra

Parking Garage, Apartments/Condominiums

Architectural Description

The project consists of a 4-story apartment building sitting atop a partial podium over amenity space and lower level units, with a partial basement below. There will be a total of 350 units made up of 15 unit types. This building will contain 8,500sf of amenity space at the first and second residential levels and will surround a five level parking garage with three individual courtyard areas, on both sides of the garage.

Structural Description

Construction for all of the residential units will consist of prefabricated wood roof and floor trusses bearing on 2x bearing walls as required. Units will consist of Type 5 wood frame construction. Stairwells within the units and garage will be of masonry construction with metal pan infill. The transfer elements over top of the amenity spaces and lower level units will be comprised of a cast in place concrete podium. Typical foundation throughout is assumed to consist of conventional concrete spread footings, and conventional concrete slab on grade floors. Due to sloping grade conditions across the site, the current schematic plans indicate that there will be two, full story building steps to account for that change in grade. A lower level maintenance and storage area will be developed on the low end of the site. This basement area will also be capped with a concrete slab.

Parking Garage: This will be a five-level parking structure. We anticipate a conventional slab on grade for the first floor and a portion of the ramp, and the upper levels will be created from precast double Tee’s supported upon precast spandrels and columns. We will provide a foundation to support the precast superstructure. The precast elements will be designed by others. Conventional spread footings are anticipated throughout. The parking garage will be accessed at a single location directly from the street.

Photography by:
Renderings courtesy of Torti Gallas & Partners; Graphics by Interface Multimedia