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Gilliam Place


Architectural Description

Gilliam Place is a mixed-use project consisting of 173 dedicated affordable housing units, community space, retail, and below grade parking. This 165,000sf, six-story building consists of five floors of residential units surrounding an exterior courtyard and rear terrace. This project develops the site on the corner of Columbia Pike and Lincoln Street, previously the home of Arlington Presbyterian Church (APC). APC worked with Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing (APAH) to ensure the project would promote and benefit the local community. Subtle architectural elements respectfully reference the church, such as reclaimed stone at the main storefront. The retail space has been designed with modern ministry uses in mind to provide APC the opportunity to return to the site.

Structural Description

This project consists of one 5-story wood framed apartment building on podium construction over one level at grade containing 8,700sf of retail / church space and amenity space for the dwelling units. The rear portion of the building at grade also contains parking, with an additional 1.5 levels of buried parking (205 total spaces). Due to sloping grade and perimeter access requirements, the level containing amenity and retail will be required to step at several locations.